Friday, November 11, 2011

Ben's Halloween

Before anything else, allow me to thank family and friends who took the time out to vote for Ben's photo in the Res Toe Run's Halloween promo.  Sadly, we ended up in second place .... which is actually not a bad thing since we weren't the second highest number of votes.  This means, the judges liked Ben's costume and pose.  Still, we didn't win and end up with just bragging rights :( Anyway, if only I have time to thank everyone who voted individually, I would.  For now, know that we know who you guys are. (wink!) Believe me, I would refresh the webpage of Ben's photo almost every 5 minutes hoping a vote was added.  I really worked hard trying to get votes and appreciated those who took time to share the link with their own contacts.  Ben felt the LOVE :)!

Anyway, as promised, allow me to share about Ben's halloween. I never had thought much about it in the beginning since we were going out of town during the official halloween weekend.  However, Ben's school scheduled a trick or treat celebration so we had to prepare a costume for him.  Luckily, I was able to find a supplier online.  I like his pirate costume because it was quite comfortable and not as expensive as custom made ones, We bought his sword separately for effect.
Har! Har! Har! Our Little Pirate :)

Ben enjoyed his trick or treat at Explorations, the kids showed off their costumes around the school which allowed them to interact with children and adults aside from the ones in their class.  They also brought home a personalized bag of treats as souvenir.
Ben with his fellow Toddler Piglets at Explorations.  Photo courtesy of their class newsletter
And by another stroke of luck, I found out that Shangrila Mall's Halloween party is scheduled on Oct 23, a week before our trip. Perfect timing! We registered Ben and invited his cousin Basti.  The event was pretty organized. Each participant was given a list of shops to visit.  We ended up with lots of lots of sweets!  I was secretly hoping that we'd get more "non-candy" stuff though,.. like cookies or maybe a simple toy, stickers or school supplies, hehe! The official giveaway of the event was quite cool, particularly the Angry Birds gift pack.  There were also a lot of food booths from the sponsors. We'll surely try it out again but next time we'll  bring our strollers along (as suggested by our  partners in crime, Basti's Mommy Jacq and Daddy Popoy :).
all set to Trick or Treat at Shangrila Mall

So there goes my Trick or Treat report :)  Writing about this entry gets me excited about Ben's costume for next year, haha!
so many goodies!

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