Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Two heads are better than One :)

Bry and I have known each other for twenty years, and I admit, sometimes, I assume that I know how he thinks and would make decisions for the both of us, especially when it comes to running our household.  However, as we are currently experiencing some major changes in the dynamics of our home (with 3 helpers set to leave almost at the same time), Bry and I have been bouncing off ideas to each other as how to handle things.  I really appreciate the fact that we would come up with strategies that I wouldn't have thought us had I not consulted with him.  It's an effort for us to discuss things given our schedules, with the kids requiring our attention almost every 5 minutes, but its worth the effort.  It's really nice to talk to someone with a different perspective.  It allows me to see a different point of view as well as practice how to articulate my own thoughts so I can properly share them.  This opportunity provides a silver lining during such a time of anxiety! (Can any of the parents out there relate to the stress of having helpers leave? Show of hands, please? :) )

Prayers for patience, wisdom, and energy! This summer is going to be a roller coaster ride but I am hopeful that as long as we put our heads together, Bry and I will someday look back at this experience with fondness and laughter.

Happy Easter to Everyone!

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