Saturday, March 28, 2015

What's in a name? :)

During the recent prayer meeting with my beloved CLC group, Pyros, we reflected on the Gospel where Jesus told Mary and St. John (the Apostle) to take care of each other.  We talked about what it is like to have genuine concern for people, knowing them by name and making them feel “visible”. Our guide, ate Tinnah, asked us to observe our routine and think about the people we  regularly interact with but have not taken the time to get to know even by name.

So I have been observing my routine and realized that there are a lot of people I meet on a regular basis who I do not know by name, like the butcher from the grocery, the yayas of Ben’s closest friends and the secretaries of Ben's swimming school.  I'm sure there are still other people I haven't thought about.  I will challenge myself to let go of my shyness and ask for their names.

When I was still getting to know my brother-in-law, Popoy, one of the things that impressed me about him was whenever we eat out, he would take the time to know our servers by name.  You can observe that they way he would call the name of our servers whenever he would order food and make additional requests was highly appreciated.  Since that time, I made it a point to also try to do it as well (so excuse me for seeming weird as I read the name plates when we are at restaurants, haha)

Anyway, in the same light, I also appreciate it when people know me by name.  At school, it warms my heart when people know me as mommy Nats and not as Ben's mom or the twins' mom.  I personally respond to them better because I know there's an effort to know me a bit better, no matter how simple it seems.

We want to be a good example to our kids.  To make an effort to recognize a person by name is a way to show that you care.  I think this is a concept that we can try passing along to our children.  I still have a long way to go, but I hope to do better.  

What about you? Are there people on your regular routine you would like to know by name? How do you feel when people call you by name?

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