Saturday, July 26, 2014

What to expect in BUMP 2014 ?

Breastfeeding expert Dr. Jack Newman is coming to Manila, Cebu and Davao.  He has been studying and observing breastfeeding moms and babies for a lot of years and what is great about him is since he is a doctor, he can talk about breastfeeding not just to moms but also authoritatively to nurses and doctors. 

Here are the topics for this talk in Manila on August 9 at St. Luke's Global City
Breastfeeding and Baby's Weight Gain - What to do when the baby is not gaining weight.  

What to do when Baby Refuses to Latch On - Prevention and what to do when this happens

Observation of different nursing sessions through video clips to be able to identify what is the correct latch and how to troubleshoot.  

Since Dr. Newman has a vast experience with a lot of moms and babies, he can share numerous case studies and what he learned from them.  This is important because especially for doctors and nurses who want to support their patient's breastfeeding journey.

Interested? please check out Asya's Cradle and Mayumi & Me who are hosting group buys for the event.

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