Monday, October 22, 2012

Goodbye Little Gym?

This semester is Ben's last one as a Little Gym superbeast, and after thinking about it, Bry and I are leaning towards not enrolling Ben for the next term.  The main reason being the schedule.  The classes for Ben's age next year are in conflict with our family lunches and his nap time.  I feel sad because I know he enjoys it there, and it will finally be a student-teacher class instead of a parent-child one, but I guess it would be good for us for get some rest during the weekends.

We've been happy with Little Gym and will surely miss it once we move on.  I love seeing Ben do his forward roll and hang on the bars swinging all by himself.  We still have until December (yehey)  if we will push through with our plan.

I wonder what will be our next adventure... :)  Any suggestions? :)

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