Monday, October 17, 2011

Why We love Frazzled Cook :)

I've been wanting to blog about Frazzled Cook ever since I first had dinner there with my dearest ex-officemates.  Bry and I are lucky that the restaurant is quite close to our house.  A place with great food and nice ambiance that's close to home.  What more can you ask for? Yahooooo!

Beef Kebab with Seafood Paeilla
 on the background
Pan Seared Dory in Olive Oil and Thyme
Frazzled Cook is located along Luna Mencias going towards Shaw Blvd.  They serve a variety of dishes, from sandwiches, pasta to paella.  Bry and I love their beef dishes.  Hubby likes their wagyu salpicao while I think their filet mignon is sooo yummy.  The price is alright,  not very cheap but definitely worth it.

My boys bonding over the food.  
We love their iced tea, too!
What I enjoy most about Frazzled Cook is its ambience.  It's very inviting and homey.    It's ideal for dinner dates as well as gatherings with close friends and family.  I actually had by birthday dinner there.  They have cozy couches for couples as well as high chairs for the kids.  One of the reasons we keep coming back is their staff is always accomodating whenever we bring Ben with us.

For those interested with Frazzled Cook, here's their website.  Happy Eating

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